Before you install and start using your new Qwench Pure Shower Filter, we recommend you read through these operating instructions. Proper installation and utilization will help to assure maximum benefit and filter life.

Unscrew and remove your shower head from the shower arm (pipe.) Attach your Qwench Pure Shower Filter to the shower arm by screwing the filter clockwise (right) onto the shower arm. Important: hand tighten only, and tighten only enough to stop dripping. The housing will crack if you tighten it too much.

NOTE: DO NOT USE shower filters like this one if your showerhead has built in water shut off controls. Back pressure may cause the filter to split. If you want to temporarily shut off water during your shower, then put the shower shut-off between the arm and the filter – NOT BETWEEN THE SHOWERHEAD AND THE FILTER.

Cartridge Replacement

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend replacing your filter about every four to eight months. The ability of your Qwench Pure Shower Filter to remove chlorine and sediment depends on the quality of your water source, chlorination levels, water hardness, water flow rate and the number of people in your household. As you’d expect, higher use will necessitate an earlier replacement. Please see our website for recommendations in your area as well as the link for ordering your replacement cartridge.

When you open the shower filter to replace your Qwench Pure Shower Filter cartridge, please note: The O-rings at each end of the housing are there to keep the filter from leaking. These O-rings should be properly seated (flat in their channel) and rubbed with petroleum jelly to keep them supple.

You should also rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the threads where the housing unscrews. This will help keep the plastic threads from wearing out and becoming difficult to unscrew.